I offer a wide range of services for individuals, groups, and businesses. 

My aim is to achieve the best results within the shortest time.
Personalized Nutrition Counseling for weight loss and management of various diseases and ailments. Includes individual plans, suited to your lifestyle and personal goals, and expert guidance, coaching, accountability, and motivation. Counseling can be done in-person, over the phone, or via Skype. Group Lectures on a variety of topics including: food and longevity, nutrition for disease prevention, food as medicine, detoxification, whole foods, cardiovascular health, eating healthy on the run, 85/15 way of eating, mindful eating, plant-based nutrition, navigating supermarkets and reading labels.Health Food & Grocery Store Tours for individuals and small groups to learn more about unfamiliar ingredients and new products on the market. Group Cooking Demos and Private Cooking Classes for individuals, couples, and small groups in your home. 
Also meal planning and personalized menus. Let me show you the easy, quick and rewarding ways to eat yourself back to health. I will share with you the facts about GMO and processed foods, information that many large food corporations do not want publicized. 

Knowledge is the key to good health!

If you know better you do better.