Nutrition coaching success stories

After I had emergency surgery I felt nervous about what I should be eating to quickly and fully recover.  Talia worked closely with me, helping me figure out the best way forward.  She suggested changes to my diet I would not have thought to try on my own, for example, giving up most dairy, which really made a difference in how I felt.  Most importantly, by emphasizing whole, nutritious foods, she has helped me change my approach and enjoy what I eat while feeling confident that my choices are the healthiest for me.  I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to have a healthier, more satisfying relationship with food.  With so much conflicting nutrition information available, it’s been great to have a guide while navigating my recovery.


As soon as I finished radiation treatments with hormone therapy, I wanted to improve my diet naturally, using healthier food and eliminate the many vitamin supplements I was taking. Meeting with Talia, we 

discussed foods that would be beneficial to my diet after treatment. Talia devised a food plan and in the process, we discovered I had food allergies. By eliminating and adding more natural foods, my diet has improved, allergic reactions has stopped, and my weight is back to what it was before my illness.

Thank you Talia. ~ SS

The encouragement, advice, and information that I have received from Talia have changed my life. I look forward to eating whole foods and vegetables. I no longer crave donuts, chocolate cake and coffee with cream. I have more energy. I fulfill my obligations at work and at home, and my mood is joyful.  I have learned that our bodies are connected physically, mentally, and spiritually. We must treat the whole person. Talia has taught me how to do this. And now that I've experienced this complete turnaround, I believe it is easiest to improve your life if you start with your choices of food and nutrition.  

Ginny in Hawley, PA

Being in my late sixties, with the weight 

coming on and my energy level waning, I turned to Talia for help. What she has taught me about healthy eating and food preparation has been life altering. Talia is incredibly knowledgeable. I have a better understanding of the importance of what foods to eat. My cravings have disappeared, and my energy level has increased and remains constant throughout the day. Thank you Talia.

Shain Fishman

After months of coughing heavily and losing my ability to speak for longer than a few minutes, I visited a throat specialist and was diagnosed with a sever case of acid reflux. I was told to stay on Omeprazole DR 40mg caps, for as long as the cough persist.  Not being a person who cherishes taking pills, I consulted with Talia, and was put by her on a diet that eliminated processed meats, fried food, carbonated drinks, tomato-based products, citrus fruits, chocolate (to my great dismay) and coffee.  Together with the pills, which I took for two months, the cough has gone down to a mere whisper. I stopped taking the pills all together, but kept the diet. The acid reflux is now but a dim memory, plus, the migraine headaches, which I suffered with for most of my adult life, have gone away, completely.  Having solved my situation in an organic manner versus medicinal, made my life healthier and so much happier as well.
Thank you Talia. You are the best.

Ed Greenwald, NY